Utilising head office to improve the productivity of your franchise business

One of the key benefits of owning a franchise is the fact that you can harness the experience, resources and processes of a corporate head office. Their well-known brand, super marketing and popular products can be invaluable as you find your feet in the business, but it’s important to look beyond these factors and consider the range of services your head office may offer that could increase your productivity.



Does your franchisor offer training and coaching in areas that could help you run parts of your business more productively? For example, do they provide any coaching for help completing HR documentation or additional training on equipment that could ensure you have a better grasp on how things work? Taking advantage of the training offered could help you improve your skills and learn handy tips on how to better follow processes or procedures.

Marketing and social media

Not everyone is a social media guru, and with franchisees often responsible for maintaining an excellent local presence, it’s important to put your business out there. Many franchisors may run central social media accounts, websites and other marketing materials. What resources, templates or graphics could be used? For example, reposting social media content. This is an excellent way to ensure your brand is consistent and minimising time spent on creating content.

HR helpdesk and support

Does your franchise offer any HR helpdesk or HR support that you can draw on to ensure that processes around hiring, on-boarding and staff management are smooth, consistent and compliant with IR laws and regulations? Drawing on these services can be an excellent way to avoid any headaches in these areas and improve efficiency.