Using Mindfulness To Harness Efficiency And Productivity

There is a lot of talk in the media at the moment about mindfulness and contrary to popular thought, it’s not just about meditation. It’s about an approach to the way you live and work.In the workplace, mindfulness can be a valuable way to ensure you and your team are productive, energised and efficient. A couple of simple ways to introduce this to your work day could be:

  • Taking regular breaks, such as quick walk around the block can help clear your head.
  • Closing your email inbox to concentrate on tasks at hand without being disrupted by new messages.
  • Conscious concentration aided by apps such as Brain FM.
  • Practising active listening.
  • Sitting quietly at your desk while your computer turns on in the morning to mentally start yourself into work mode.
  • Taking a moment on Sunday evening to review the upcoming week and what the key areas of focus should be.
  • Unplugging and setting boundaries to give you time to relax.
  • Avoiding eating and drinking on autopilot – pay attention to how you are nourishing your body.