Uncluttered environment, uncluttered mind

It turns out the messy desk being a sign of genius, may be a little bit of myth. At least clutter certainly isn’t conducive to increased productivity, according to a study.

In the No Place Like Home: Home Tours Correlate With Daily Patterns and Mood Control, University of California, participants were asked to describe their home. Participants who described their home as restful or restorative were more likely to enjoy improved sleep patterns while those who associated their home environment with words indicating stress, were more at risk of poor sleep and a depressive mood throughout the day.

While employers can’t control the state of their employees’ homes, some strategies to promote an uncluttered, tidy and organised workspace may have positive impacts on productivity, mood and stress levels in the office.

Simple ways to unclutter the workspace may include:

  • Moving to digital files where possible to minimise paper piling up
  • Installation of additional shelving or filing space for stock, files or supplies
  • A scheduled ‘de clutter’ afternoon on a regular basis to empty the workspace of unrequired or out of date items