Turning To Do Into Done!

Spending time planning your coming week on Friday afternoon or Monday morning is a great practice, but as we all know circumstances can (and usually will) change.  A client has had a disaster on the weekend that needs all hands on deck, a colleague has come down with the dreaded flu and you have to back-fill their tasks, a business opportunity has surfaced that needs to be chased down urgently.

Your To-Do list has become a Wish List.

Whip it into shape and give it urgency. Deadline driven tasks that must be achieved in the next 24 hours get a big red A next to them.  Those that have a little more flexible timing can be marked with a green B and tasks that need doing, but not urgently, can have a calmer blue C attached to them.

It’s critical that you keep revisiting and updating your To-Do list all through the week. First thing every morning (or last thing at night) review your list adding and deleting tasks and using A, B and C to prioritise.

Be ruthless with your follow-through.  If it’s an A – it must get done that day. There’s an amazing sense of satisfaction as you tick all the A’s off your list.

If circumstances overrun you and the best planning and prioritising is not going to make something happen in time, re-set expectations.  Make sure all stakeholders know what’s happening and provide them with a realistic new timeframe.  Then on to the next item on your list.

Take the time at the end of the week to look back at everything that’s been achieved. And then, plan the next week.

Author: Alexandra Giudice
Do you want to get stuff done in your business? Then you need to speak to me. I’m likely your first port of call at FC and I’ll be honest, I’m yet to take a call from a business I haven’t been able to help. I’ll work with you on projects like executive recruitment and organisational reviews and above all, I’ll just make sure that we get stuff done together.