Three methods to become a better franchise professional

Understanding how to run a business is only one aspect of running a franchise business. While understanding budgets, marketing and operations are all valuable, it’s also vital to understand that being a franchise owner is a unique challenge and opportunity of its own.

To excel as a franchisee it’s important to consider ongoing professional development, with a specific focus on the franchising environment.

Completing the CFE program

The Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program is the only internationally recognised professional accreditation program for franchise executives. It’s an investment in your knowledge of the franchising sector and a recognised certification throughout the industry.

Network within the franchising industry

While networking in your own local area or industry is important to gain new clients or customers, it’s also a good idea to network within the franchising industry to help broaden connections, understand current trends or gain insight and advice from other people with a similar business model to your own.

Read franchise publications, blogs and articles

Keeping up-to-date with trends within the franchising sector is a good way to understand what challenges and opportunities your business may face. Magazines, websites or blogs that contain franchising content will often be highly specific to potential issues you may be facing in your business.