The Right Franchise Area Managers

How to Find the Right Franchising Area Managers for Your Team

Choosing franchising area managers that add value to your franchisees and your brand is a simple process if you know what to look for and if candidates with those skills and qualities are available to you. However, if the local talent pool is running low, it’s essential to also design an effective training program to teach potential candidates what they need to learn.

It’s also important to keep in mind that area managers should be looking for the same qualities in franchisees that you value in them as area managers. Part of your manager training program should include teaching managers how to train franchisees in the same skill sets they possess.

Who are the Ideal Candidates?

Candidates should have the appropriate skill set for the industry. For example, it’s hard to run an accounting franchise with no prior business knowledge in the accounting field. It’s essential to have experience in the industry or to have taken accounting courses.

Candidates must communicate well. They are business managers and owners. They must be able to communicate effectively;  meaning others must be able to understand what they’ve said and carry out what they need done; not misunderstand what they’ve said and be inefficient members of the team. Good communicators speak with respect to others, inspire trust in others and have charisma. They are concise. They choose their words wisely and thoughtfully.

Candidates should be diligent, thorough and risk averse. Though franchising is a business, every franchise is built on a consistent system. Risk takers and other flashy people who need to constantly come up with new ideas and be challenged typically don’t do well within this framework; nor are they happy, (unless they truly love your brand).

The candidates you should be looking for have a slow, steady, consistent work ethic; someone who does good work and produces a consistently good product or result. In addition, you want to find people who are positively motivated to carry out these activities every day, even the mundane ones.

Candidates should have management, sales and business expertise.

  • Management – Yes, managing others does come naturally to some. However, management training can also produce mangers out of people who wouldn’t otherwise have natural leadership skills.
  • Sales – You need people who are bold. In many ways, your franchise area managers’ and franchisees’ every interaction will be with, (at best) a warm lead
  • Business – Candidates should be good with numbers and have basic business skills. Look at the businesses they’ve run in the past. How do they handle money? What strategies are they using?

Lastly, try to choose humble candidates that can take advice. Hotheads and hardheads need not apply. No matter how skilled or valuable a flashy, outrageous or stubborn person appears to be, many times they more trouble than they’re worth.

  • When the company needs to move forward, they refuse to learn new strategies or accept the new way.
  • They create dissension within the company,
  • They show little respect to superiors,
  • They leave franchisees with promise untrained and unattended because they refuse to identify with franchisees that don’t remind them of themselves,
  • The list can go on and on.
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