The formula for great sales leads

You’ve got a great product or service, it works well, your research shows you there’s a need for it and you’ve launched it to the market place.  So why aren’t the sales coming in the door?

Let’s take a step back first and ask a few questions.

  • Who are my customers?
  • What problem am I solving?
  • Why should they use my product or service instead of my competitors?

Even with the best product or service, nothing happens if no one knows about it. You can’t sell a secret. So, you need to be creating a digital marketing campaign that drives leads back to you.  It’s simple, the businesses that harvests the best sales leads are the ones that will succeed in this ever-growing digital landscape.

So how do you ensure you are getting the right leads? Let’s look at some effective ways of driving sales leads to you.

SEO Audits

An SEO audit is a valuable way to diagnose any problems or areas of weakness on your website. The results will provide a detailed analysis of what can be improved to enhance your site to ensure it is targeting the right people.

A regular SEO audit will provide you with critical information on how your digital interaction is tracking.  It will allow you to respond to sudden dips in traffic as well as providing you with the tools to assess your competitor’s strategy against your own.

Social Media Audits

Completing an audit answers several questions about the relationship between a company and its online audience.

When assessing social media, there are some key areas to investigate.

  • Have previously used social avenues brought in new customers?
  • Is your Facebook page continuously updated to provide content that is relevant to your customers?

An audit is also an opportunity to determine which marketing techniques are successfully hitting established goals versus which ones need to be revised. The results can be used to assist companies in planning future campaigns and can be used as baselines for future audits.

Outbound Marketing

‘Outbound’ describes any marketing where you push your message out toward buyers, forcing it into their attention zone and hoping to generate a buy reflex.

Another name for this approach is ‘interruption marketing’ as it typically tries to divert attention away from what your potential customer is doing and bring their attention to your product or service.

Classic examples of outbound tactics include direct mail, telemarketing, mass email marketing and banner advertising.

When running an outbound marketing campaign, it is the marketer, not the buyer, who chooses the subject, timing and channel of interaction.

Invest in technology

From automation tools to conversational bots, technology is rapidly changing how businesses operate.

These days an increasing number of businesses are putting all their digital assets in the cloud. It is a very simple storage concept that can help you integrate processes across team members while consolidating a one-stop shop for sales.

Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

CRM software, well used, can do a lot to improve a business. It can send emails on your behalf and remind you of client birthdays and other important events.  You can use it to schedule set contact pieces (EDM’s, letters) and every morning it can generate a list of things to be done.  You can store important contact and interaction data and use the analytics to help you sales team identify hot leads. Correctly used, a CRM can help build relationships with your clients and help build your business.

Automate Emails

With email marketing offering a Return on Investment (ROI) as high as 4,300%, it’s a great tool to create automatic workflows that constantly engage your customers. It drives client retention and keeps your brand relevant. Keep contact frequent and adjust your automations as your customer base grows and changes.

Report often

Marketing reports show the value of your efforts. If you can show that your campaigns are fulfilling goals, generating sales-ready leads, and bringing in revenue, then you have proven the value of your campaigns.

More than that, marketing reports provide you with a benchmark for how things are working. Where are you succeeding? What needs to be tweaked and improved? Which channels are working and which are not? Where should you focus your efforts and your budgets? Without marketing reporting, your team is flying blind so it’s vital that you make reports and reporting a core part of your day to day marketing operations and workflows.

FC can help you generate rich sales leads

Looking for a way to maximise the effectiveness of your social media and marketing strategies?  We’d be happy to help you. Contact and arrange a call to find out more about our services that will help you engage with your clients, grow your market share and drive good quality sales leads.