The benefits of 45 minutes morning exercise on productivity

A recent study Exercise linked to improved mental health, but more may not always be better, Lancet, highlighted that by undertaking only 45 minutes exercise each morning, participants in the study reported higher productivity, concentration and energy levels. The benefits far outweighed those of losing a little extra sleep.


With such benefits for a team, there is no doubt opportunity for employers to better support their employees in taking the time for a walk or gym session ahead of clocking on for the day:


  • Encourage, where possible, flexibility in work hours. If an employee would prefer to take a morning pilates class or run, perhaps it would be easier for them to work from 9:30am instead of 8:30am, and stay back later. Consider how this could be factored into rostering and team meetings.
  • Group training activities or classes could be a great way to promote a healthy team and provide additional benefit to your employees. Consider a group yoga session or boot camp one morning per week before work.
  • Consider your workplace environment. Highly formal attire can make it more challenging to ride to work or take a quick walk before settling down at their desk. Can you encourage a more casual dress code to encourage these activities, or provide lockers or showering facilities to make it simpler for employees to run, walk or ride to work?