Start auditing your Franchise Operations Manual now

Your franchise operations manual is a living document that should change frequently to intimately reflect exactly what your franchise represents – the values, how-to and must-dos.  But it is also the vehicle that can help drive your goals and targets. 

It’s a new year and a new decade. A pristine period of time where you should review current business goals and set new goals.  Be ambitious with your plans for your franchise.  Have some realistic goals, some goals that will stretch you and then have some dream goals.  Tie your goals to action plans and articulate the expected benefits of your goals, both for your franchisees and their clients but also for yourself and your management team.  Whether it’s wealth creation, building a famous brand or helping your clients achieve their goals it’s important to know what you are aiming for and set the vision in the head of all your management and franchisees.

Once you’ve firmed up and agreed on the goals and how you are going to get there, your first step should be to revise your Franchise Operations Manual to reflect these ambitions.

  1. Make all the necessary changes to procedures, deliverables, business practices and expectations to meet your targets.
  2. Review the manual to ensure that all State and Federal legal requirements are covered correctly.
  3. Cross check it against your Franchise Agreement and other key documents.
  4. Ensure it is compliant with the Franchising Code of Conduct.
  5. Have it reviewed by a company that specialises in Franchising documentation to ensure you are legally compliant.
  6. Have a new senior staff member review it. A fresh eye is invaluable.
  7. When you distribute it, highlight the changes that have been made and the reasons why.
  8. Make it accessible across multiple platforms in a variety of formats.

A living, well-tended Franchise Operations Manual is a critical document.  Not just for communicating rules and expectations but for keeping everyone legally compliant. But just as importantly, it can be your advance scout for sharing your vision and redefining your systems, processes and procedures that are going to drive your new business goals.

FC Business Solutions have years of expertise in both creating and reviewing Franchise Operations Manuals across a range of industries.  Give us a call to discuss how we can help you utilise the power of an Operations Manual to drive your franchise’s goals.

Author: Alexandra Giudice
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