SEO – do you do it better than your competitors?

SEO – do you do it better than your competitors?

SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – is the term for making sure that your website, its content and your marketing of it, are structured to maximise your sites ranking on search engine results.  You want it to come in as high as possible on the first page of the search results and this can be achieved by organic means or by paid advertising.  The higher the ranking the more likely that you will get a click-through by a potential customer or client.

E-commerce is growing rapidly.  Statista reports that by 2021 (next year!) e-commerce will account or 17.5% of all retail sales.  This is double what it was in 2015 and it’s expected that this trend will not only continue but also ramp up.

A report by LDA-Acquisia found that 75% of mobile searches lead to a store visit within 24 hours and of that 30% lead to a purchase.  (How you maximise the outcome of the store visits is a subject for another blog.)

So how do you assess whether your virtual storefront is outperforming your competitors?

There are lot of great tools available that allow you to analyse exactly what is happening with your competitor’s website.

  • Ubersuggests allows you to search both your website and your competitors to get information on domain scores and organic keywords – or in other words, what people are searching for when they come to your website.
  • Information on your domain authority verses your competitors’ sites (what percentage if the market you hold) can be found using a program such as Moz.
  • Information on what certain websites are using in terms of apps, analytics, and for content management can be retrieved using Built With.

A great user experience on your website is pivotal to the success of your business. Not only does it help customers find and purchase your products and services, but Google optimises better performing websites, improving your SEO and pushing you up the ranks on that critical search results page.

It’s vital that you regularly audit your website to pick up on errors, issues and warnings.  This requires a certain level of expertise, so if you’re unsure how to do it, we can help you.

You can buy your way to the top of the search results page using Google Ads. You’ll need to know what target specific keywords your likely clients are searching on and then conduct a Google Ads campaign setting a bid on those words so that when they are searched on, your site will come out either on top of the results, or close to.

A Google Ads campaign is a great way to launch a new website – to put it in front of potential clients.

Of course it can be cost-prohibitive to go head-to-head with the big players in your industry in an Google Ads campaign and that’s when it’s strategic to carry out the research to identify a few specific words that you clients regularly search on and put your budget into these terms.

For your online business to thrive, you need to take SEO seriously.  FC Business Solutions has the expertise to help you improve the impact of your online presence and turn that impact into sales.  Contact the Marketing Team at FC Studio on 03 9533 0028