The Classroom of Life

When we think of PD, we think of a training seminar with bad coffee and slideshows. It takes a full day and the return isn’t always tangible. We need to shift our thinking to the fact that professional development is all around us.

Life-long learning is a key phrase in education today and for a little wonder. We are always learning – reading, watching and listening gives us key insights, along with what we learn from our colleagues, family, and friends.

How do you quantify this experience and knowledge? While it is important to help advance employees and the business and provide a record of learning and development of skills, it is vital to instill a broader culture of life learning within the business.

How can this be achieved?

  • Every employee should consider themselves an asset to the company who contributes knowledge and expertise to the growth of a brand.
  • A shared knowledge that professional development is not just the responsibility of the employer.
  • Empowerment for employees to set the environment and cultivate the culture of learning.
  • Membership of relevant associations and peak bodies.
  • Accreditation, and maintenance of that accreditation.
  • Life learning investment plans being the centre piece of professional development.

Author: Corina Vucic
I thrive in an active environment and climb bridges for the thrill of it but my real passion is supporting businesses to meet their potential and flourish. Whether your goal is to franchise your business, take your franchise to the next level or simply move your business in another direction, I can lead, support and motivate you, step-by-step.