Productivity killers

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done in a day? It can become stressful continually trying to beat a clock and a to-do list. Here are a few common productivity killers you can identify and zap to give you more time to get stuff done.


(1)    Working without breaks

 While powering through a mountain of work will help get it done, long periods sitting down can limit your energy and focus. Regular breaks are vital for productivity. A quick ten-minute walk around the block or coffee break will allow you to return to your work with greater focus, clarity and creativity.


(2)    Long meetings

 Meetings are important. We need to communicate within teams and with clients and customers. However, these can quickly become a time suck thanks to poor planning and implementation, meaning participants lose focus and the session becomes unproductive. Always set a specific time for meetings and aim to wrap up within that window. Set an agenda ahead of time so participants can pre-plan information or ideas and establish a clear focus to make sure the meeting is relevant and stays on-track.


(3)    Employee disengagement

 Ever noticed how easy it is to procrastinate or lose focus on a task that you don’t really care about? Avoid this in your workplace by creating a culture that promotes internal communication, sharing the bigger picture and discussing the purpose of the work so that everyone in the team is engaged and motivated to complete tasks.