Nurture your prospective Franchisees

Gone are the days of simply publishing a newspaper classified or generating organic franchise enquiries over the phone. With over 1,200 franchise systems in Australia in 2018, a number increasing each year, franchisors are left fighting to recruit the best prospective franchisees.

How do I get more franchise recruitment leads? How do I get more franchise recruitment leads?  How do I sell more franchises? These are all common questions, but by breaking down your goals and the recruitment process from the perspective of your potential franchisees, you can generate better quality leads and increase conversions.

1. What are your goals and objectives for the upcoming twelve months?

Coming up to the new financial year, it’s a great time to plan out your franchise recruitment activity for the upcoming twelve-months. Here are few questions to start the ball rolling;

  • How many greenfield franchises are you planning to sell?
  • How many re-sales are you forecasting?
  • What is your recruitment budget?
  • What are your key development areas with demographics that suit your customers?

2. Are you actively advertising to potential franchisees? Or just placing advertisements where it’s easy to do so?

We all get the emails “Get Ranked #1 on Google” or “We can book meetings for you”, but these types of once-off approaches never work for long-term success.

An integrated approach, with an appropriate overlap in the audience maps will ensure the right people are regularly seeing your advertisements. It’s a single advertisement that makes a sale – you need to maintain a presence to build awareness and trust in your brand.

A prospective franchisee may see your advertisement in the local paper, followed by a hoarding poster at the shopping centre. This will provide brand awareness, but they are unlikely to take action until they are specifically targeted and made to feel like the opportunity is for them.

Develop a strategy that integrates passive, targeted and re-targeting across both traditional and digital mediums.

Platforms to consider include:

  • Franchise directories
  • Local newspapers
  • Local partnerships
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Consumers

3. Do you have enough information about your franchise opportunity on your website?

When was the late time you reviewed the content on the franchising page of your website? When was the last time your website was even updated?

If you want to sell more franchises, you need to provide prospective franchisees with more information than they need, meaning enquiries you receive are already warm leads.

We suggest you update content on the franchising page of your website at least once a month (franchise opportunities, new franchise openings, new staff members, testimonials etc) and conduct a full review of any hard content (FAQs, photos, about us, etc) quarterly.

Here’s a simple breakdown of the seven key categories to include on your website to assist with lead generation:

  1. Home page with simple navigation to all other pages;
  2. About the brand
  3. The franchise offer
  4. Opportunities available
  5. News
  6. FAQ
  7. Contact Us

4. What is your sales process? Are your potential franchisees ‘falling in love’ with your brand?

Once a lead has been generated you need to do everything possible to keep them engaged – with over a thousand other franchise opportunities there is nothing stopping your newly acquired lead from seeking other opportunities. In fact, it’s highly likely that they already have.

Consider the following points:

  • How quickly are you replying to initial leads?
    • Are you automatically sending out an information kit to website leads?
  • What type of communication are your prospective likely to engage best with?
  • Do your franchise recruitment assets (franchise information booklet, flyers, etc) match what we are currently doing with the consumer side of the brand?