Is face-to-face networking still relevant?

In the business world today, social media channels can be too heavily relied upon when it comes to networking. Whilst these channels create opportunities to spread connections further and more quickly, face-to-face networking allows for greater quality.

Here are some reasons why face-to-face networking is still essential and why it’s vital to the growing market.

Putting a face to a name

Networking in the real world lets you put a name to a personality rather than just another face in a social media page. Since many people place images of themselves online that are misleading, it becomes challenging to gauge who it is you’re talking to.

Recognition goes a long way in being able to connect with people on a more personal basis. This allows you to follow-up with the contact later, having built a stronger connection.

Offline Leads

Networking offline tends to lead to interacting with those outside your initial channels. Interacting with those outside your channel can generate growth opportunities and service assets that you would not have otherwise encountered.

These new people can round out your networking and lead to a more effective contact list.

Reading Body Language

If you’re a master at reading body language, you certainly can’t do that talking to people online or on the phone. Live video platforms can sometimes help, but doesn’t give you a real sense of quality conversation.

An in-person meeting can help study body language to better articulate what the other person is saying and how they are feeling.

Avoiding Misunderstood Language

How many times have you linked up with businesses online and said something they misunderstood? On social media, especially, the way we word things might cause confusion if written on the fly or not carefully structured.

Face-to-face networking allows your real voice to say what you mean. Now you can truly convey ideas to fellow peers and not end up with ambiguous responses.

FC Events

FC hosts a variety of different networking events that are specifically targeted at bring together operational personnel from various brands.

Our sessions are designed to empower attendees to build on their skills and knowledge, as well as develop connections for the purpose of adding value to the business they are a part of.