If you’ve got it, flaunt it

You know you have a good product or service to offer, but how are you able to quickly communicate this to someone you have just met at a networking event?


While many of us could talk at length about our amazing products or services, you need to refine your key messages into short, snappy and memorable bite-sizes pieces of information. Someone may not have time to listen to a fifteen-minute conversation about your business but a short spiel may help them understand more about you and create potential lead generation.


It is recommended that you have two versions of your ‘elevator pitch’ – a concise statement that directly explains why your business is one that they might be interested in engaging with.

The first should be short – a sentence effectively that is around 12 seconds that explains what your business does.


The second should be around 60 seconds. This is your chance to elaborate a little further – perhaps explain why your business exists or the key problems it resolves. You can go into a little more depth but still keep it short and sharp.


The best way to create this is to break down your business service or product into the key benefits it provides your customers. Play around with the wording, practice saying it out loud, record yourself saying it. Does it flow? Does it sound natural? Does it make sense?


Once you have wording you are happy with, ensure that you have a copy of it with you. Store it on your phone or write it down on a card to keep with you. Referring to it before a networking opportunity is a good way to prepare and ensure that your pitch is sharp.


You know your product or service is good, but a good elevator pitch will ensure that you are making the most of it.