How to create Franchise Recruitment Ads that generate real sales leads

Franchise recruitment can be challenging. You want someone who is the right fit for your vision and ready to take on the responsibilities associated with running a franchise.

Advertisements in franchising and business magazines are a good avenue to find those who are interested in purchasing a business but it is important to have the right advertisement to find your ideal franchisee and enhance the image of your brand.

There are three important elements to creating effective advertisements:

Images that engage your reader and create immediate impact.

  • All images should be high-quality, focused and well-lit.
  • Ensure images are fresh and professional. Cheesy or gimmicky images can leave your advertising looking dated and tired.
  • Minimise the number of images in your advertisement. Too many pictures will confuse the reader as they don’t know where to focus their attention.
  • Images should be relevant to your business and in context with your offering, for example, a picture of a coffee for a hairdressing or cleaning business may not give potential franchisees a clear idea of your service.

Branding is another critical area – this goes beyond the marketing or public relations output, branding represents what the company is all about.

  • Ensure franchise recruitment advertisements are consistent with the rest of your advertising and marketing (colours, logo, taglines, tone of content.)
  • Harness similar design elements of customer-focused advertisements to ensure consistency.

Hierarchy and composition will ensure the advertisement is clear and easy to read.

  • Create a balance between enough content so it is clear what you are promoting but not so much that it becomes overwhelming or confusing for your audience.
  • Use clear, easy-to-read fonts.
  • Make use of paragraphs and bullet points to create space and draw attention to key points.
  • Include a clear call to action with accurate contact details.

Author: Jeremy Szelag
I’m a creative thinker who loves to see business thrive. We live in a digital world where every day there are new tools, features and platforms that change the way businesses operate. I’m happy to be your tour guide in all things digital to help you develop cost-effective, sharp and finely-tuned campaigns that achieve real results.

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