Have you documented the SOP's for your head office departments?
Have you documented the SOPs for your head office departments?

Have you documented the SOPs for your head office departments?

FC Business Solutions - Thursday, March 22, 2018

While it is a requirement for franchisors to provide franchisees with standard operating procedures, franchisors should not forget standard operating procedures for their own head office departments.

As departments such as human resources, marketing or IT manage their day-to-day operations, it can be easy to forget each department needs detailed and up-to-date procedures that cover all tasks undertaken. This is vital to ensure consistency, manage compliance and avoid valuable company knowledge being lost should employees leave.

An annual review of all procedures is recommended to check each department manual and make updates if procedures have changed.

It is recommended that:

1. An SOP manual is developed for each department of Head Office that describes the tasks completed by team members

2. Job descriptions are checked against SOPs to ensure every element of each role is supported by a policy and a procedure

3. SOP manuals are housed online via an intranet portal or shared drive accessible to all employees

4. Regular updates are conducted to ensure that changes to the franchise system and the way things are done are documented

5. SOPs are regularly checked against any recent legislative updates (for example, changes to the Fair Work Act)

6. SOPs are provided to employees as part of the on-boarding program

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