Five tips for franchisees to become more efficient

With time being a precious commodity for most franchisors and franchisees, here are five tips to make best use a franchisee’s time and increase efficiency throughout the network:

Ensure operational manuals are up-to-date

When updating operational manuals, ensure that any new processes that may make tasks simpler or easier to complete, are included. Consider any processes being added and how they might impact on the efficiency of a franchisee.

Check out any new tools or automations to help save time

There are many products, services and programs available to save time. Social media posts, for example, could be planned ahead of time thanks to products like Tweetdeck, or email services can send out scheduled emails to customers.

Talk to franchisees and learn from their experiences

Are there any tips or tools that are helping a franchisee run their business more efficiently that could be adapted more broadly? For example, a piece of software or automation that helps get the job done with less time and fuss.

Ask field coaches for advice

If there are tasks or issues that a franchisee might be battling with, ask an experienced field coach to assist through specialised training and coaching. While field coaches are generally assigned to a franchisee based on a geographical region, often they will have a specialised skill set in a certain aspect of business, for example financial analysis and budgeting, and could be seconded to assist a franchisee outside of the support territory for a short time.

Publicise head office resources

Check what resources head office has available that could save time – checklists, software, processes, training or forms are all examples of quick wins to drive productivity. Ensure that franchisees are aware of, and have easy access to these tools and resources – if they don’t know how to easily find and use these resources via an online portal, for example, consider how these can be made accessible at the click of a button.


Author: Jessie Caudry
You know the saying ‘the devil is in the detail’? Well, I can assure you that its true and when it comes to operations and systems, you can never have enough detail. I can help you create, refine and document all the processes that go into your business. Whether you are franchising, seeking to ensure compliance or simply want things to run a little more smoothly, I can help.