Store Visits Tracked by Google

Gone are the days of manually counting each person that walks through your door, guessing whether your latest catalogue is working, or figuring out which campaigns are genuinely bringing in the dough. There is a new age of tracking your franchises store visits.

To ensure franchise profitability via the effective management of the national advertisements campaigns, franchisors need to ensure that customers are coming through the franchisees doors.

You may have heard of digital lingo such as website conversions, cost per click, ad lift (recall), or click-through-rates. In 2018 Google is taking tracking your advertisements to the next level.

Store Visits – Google has been tracking store conversions since 2014. But this year the conversion metric is being rolled-out to even more accounts. Since 2014, over one billion people have been tracked from advertisements to store visits.


Store Visit Tracking with Google


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What do you need?

Firstly, you need to have multiple physical locations – already sounds like a Franchisors delight.

Secondly, and most importantly you will need to be already spending a decent (and consistent) budget on Google AdWords each month. Although I am sure that there are plans to take this offline soon enough.

Lastly you will need to have Google My Business accounts setup for your business locations – something that all businesses should have.

How does tracking store visits work?

Google has more data on our online activity than they would probably like to admit – and for advertisers Google empowers us with more information that we can handle.

From clicking an advertisements, we are then tracked via our various devices (laptops, tablets, phones, smart watches) directly into our cars, onto public transports and then into stores.

Without the need for retailers to have special tracking beacons. That means no additional cost to franchisors or franchisees.

Google Maps has become sophisticated enough to determine whether you entered store A020 or A021.

Nissan UK has been using the store conversions metric for sometime. The video below explains how they have managed a 6% conversion rate with a 25:1 ROI by identifying the highest converting keyword search terms.



Best of all, Google claims that this is 99% accurate.

So when was the last time that you tracked a digital campaign from ad to sale?

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