Functioning franchise systems that don’t know what they are doing

Functioning franchise systems that don’t know what they are doing.

After intense meetings with two franchise brands last week, it’s amazing to see how some franchise systems can be both dysfunctional yet functional. For different reasons.

Both brands understood that they were not reaching their potential and wanted to know what best practice looks like within the industry, what they could do to take their business to the next level of domination?

These brands were established, mature with locations across Australia and New Zealand, however they each had very different problems…

Brand one had a majority of their systems set in place but didn’t have the reporting to understand which of their marketing efforts where resulting in a positive return on investment.

Brand two had all of the metrics, AdWords, social media, SEO, etc, but didn’t have the advertising campaigns put in place to take advantage of the data they had available to them.

The common denominator

A lack of a high-level strategic plan.

Both brands understood that they had flaws in their current marketing activities which was caused by a lack of a well thought out strategy.

When I say “strategic plan”, I don’t mean a two page document saying we are going to tackle Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn, etc. I want a 12-month plan that outlines the activities, resources, accountability and due dates down to the day. Here’s a few things to think about…

  • What are the campaigns we are going to run?
  • When are they going to run?
  • How far in advance are we going to schedule?
  • What is the budget and how is it allocated to each campaign?
  • What collateral are we going to use? Do we only have one option?
  • Who is accountable for actioning these key tasks?
  • What happens when they fail? What is our contingency?
  • What metric is going to determine the success of each campaign?

So what can you learn from my two meetings?

1. You need to have a high-level strategic plan.

The strategic plan is how we are going to utilise marketing to achieve our business goals for the brand and each franchisee.

Without this you and your entire team are working without a purpose. Sure, you know that your end goal is to increase revenue for franchisees, but at what cost?

Increasing ad spend by 10% to generate a further 10% revenue is not an efficient use of marketing funds. Increasing the efficiencies of Facebook advertising by implementing geo fencing and behaviour tracking to generate 5% more revenue at a lower cost keeps everyone happy.

2. You need to have the right staff

Both brands have the resources to be able to execute their strategic plan – but the education, experience and leadership to implement the plan was lacking.

A university degree on social media doesn’t mean that you know how to strategically create automated advertising funnels targeting the right audiences. You still need to have the real-world business and psychological know-how to ensure you’re making the correct decisions.

Get your team out into the real world, networking with other marketers, reading case studies, trying new things, failing, just make sure that you are always pushing the envelope

3. If there is a will, there is a way.

When someone tells you that something in the marketing world isn’t possible, argue it. Checkout our short blog post franchise tech tools to see a handful of easy to implement tools that could be making your life easier.

My favourite tool at the moment is Zapier. Facebook won’t speak to Outlook, but with Zapier we can bring both platforms together and automate our sales process.

Author: Jeremy Szelag
I’m a creative thinker who loves to see business thrive. We live in a digital world where every day there are new tools, features and platforms that change the way businesses operate. I’m happy to be your tour guide in all things digital to help you develop cost-effective, sharp and finely-tuned campaigns that achieve real results.

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