Franchise Recruitment – The value of the Long Game

Everyone wants to know how to generate more leads in franchise recruitment. While there is no silver bullet solution, there are tried and tested measures. However, the best ones take time and it is important to consider the difficulties faced by franchisors in seeking prospective franchisees.



Your business model needs to be right

Without the correct product/service offering, detailed policies and procedures and good governance, it will be harder to attract quality leads. If you aren’t receiving the leads you are hoping for, it is a good chance to double check these areas. Are there areas for improvement that might be ‘scaring’ away potential franchisees that could be improved?


Advertising: it’s the mix

For some franchisors, one strategically-placed advertisement might generate a number of leads. Perhaps they are a household name or are offering a popular product. But for most franchisors, particularly those in niche markets or new to the franchise industry, it is likely they will need a mix of advertising strategies to gain leads. Knowing which ones will work can take time. Some may need to be adjusted or some may need to run several times to gain the traction required. The critical element here is constantly assessing the advertising mix and tracking results to what’s working and what’s not.


Be discerning – sometimes you need to say no.

It can be frustrating when lead generation results in leads but they aren’t the right fit for your business. As tempting as it can be to accept any application, remember, this is your business. Be discerning. Don’t take on franchisees who you feel can’t maintain and enhance the reputation of your franchise network.


Think long-term

Strategy to generate leads will be long-term. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t see immediate dividends or panic and alter your entire strategy. Delivering innovative products and services, good governance and a strong reputation takes time. This, along with a good mix of marketing strategies will pay off in the long term.

Author: Corina Vucic
I thrive in an active environment and climb bridges for the thrill of it but my real passion is supporting businesses to meet their potential and flourish. Whether your goal is to franchise your business, take your franchise to the next level or simply move your business in another direction, I can lead, support and motivate you, step-by-step.