Franchise Recruitment Advertisement Checklist

Franchise Recruitment Advertisement Checklist

You’re flicking through the latest industry magazine and you see countless franchise offers – what makes your advertisement stand out from the pack?

Let’s get back to basics – and set out the fundamental requirements for every advertisement that you publish.


The branding within your advertisement needs to be aligned with that of your franchise system. The logo, images, and feel of the advertisement should be the same as walking into your business…

The Offer

The offer may seem obvious in your eyes – whether it’s a retail store or a service brand, it’s important to show potential franchisees what they could actually be buying into. Assume that it will be the first time that any prospective franchisee sees your brand – can they tell what you do? Do they know what the unique selling proposition is? Can they see themselves working within your brand?

Make sure that you clearly display what’s for sale and the benefits of joining your brand.

Stock Images Vs Real Photos

This is a no brainer for most, but some brands are still insisting on using stock images that they’ve bought on the internet. If you are going to purchase stock images (and by no means am I recommending it), at least use high quality stock photos that could potentially pass as yours…

Contact Details

Most advertisements will include a landline phone number or some sort of catchy 1800 number. Why not personalise this step, get your prospective franchisee to pick up the phone and talk to a real person by adding your Network Development Manager’s name and mobile phone number, you might be surprised at the psychology behind doing something this simple.

How many contact methods are you providing?

People like to communicate in different ways. Email, website, phone number – Make sure that you have an option for all types of communicators.

Does your advertisement look professional?

Some recruitment advertisements that we have seen recently look like they’ve been created for a primary school project using clipart…

Invest in a graphic designer that understands your brand and will be able create something that prospective franchisees want to enquire about. A professional A4 magazine advertisement shouldn’t cost you more than a couple of hundred bucks.

When was your ad last updated?

How often does your brand update the franchise recruitment collateral? Many brands don’t touch their artwork for many years and wonder why prospective franchisees aren’t enquiring – it’s because they’ve seen your ad a many times before, in many different publications and it’s boring!

We suggest that all artwork is changed every six months, and adapted individually for the publication or medium on which it is published.


Here’s a checklist of things that you need to keep in mind for your next franchise recruitment ad:

  1. Clear and consistent branding
  2. Using colours that work well together. (e.g. green and white)
  3. Clearly outline the franchise offer
  4. Visually appealing to the audience
  5. Setup for the correct side of the magazine (inside cover or outside cover)
  6. Editorial to support the franchise recruitment advertisement