Five productivity tips for franchisees

Busy is the new black, right? We live in a world of busyness. But do we need to be this short on time? Are there ways that we can improve our time management with better processes, systems and training? Here are five quick tips for improving the productivity within your franchise business:


(1)    Learn programs and software properly to find out shortcuts, templates and quick fixes. Most of us muddle our way through a program like Excel or PowerPoint. While it may seem like it would take more time, the best way to improve productivity is learning how to use these tools properly. Find out how to set up templates to make each presentation or spreadsheet quicker to use.

(2)    Don’t reinvent the wheel on marketing and social media. Rather than labouring over each social media post, or flyer, harness the branding and marketing of your head office and see what could be adapted, shared or re-used to give you professional, consistent and quality marketing material.

(3)    Take advantage of training courses and coaching. Seek courses from your head office that may help you streamline processes or use equipment more efficiently.

(4)    Outsource any areas that are simply taking too long because you lack the skills or expertise. If you need to manage social media accounts for your local area marketing but don’t know Twitter from Instagram, much less how to successfully manage a community online, consider outsourcing this to someone who can bring skills and up-to-date marketing knowledge. It may cost you a little more but will save you time in the long run and provide a quality digital presence.

(5)    Talk to other franchisees. What ‘hacks’ have they found to make their businesses run more smoothly. This is not about cutting corners or undermining processes and operations – after all, having these is quite likely one of the reasons you purchased a franchise model, but are there any areas of administration or time management they swear by. Find out how more experienced franchisors spend their day. What tasks do they outsource? Which areas did they improve their skills to ensure they can complete the task efficiently? What programs do they use to keep track of deadlines and projects? Harnessing the wealth of experience of other franchisors is a great idea to find new ways of approaching your working week.