Five Key Elements to FAC Success

How to ensure your Franchise Advisory Council is the Heartbeat of your Business, not a Headache

In any high-performing organisation, there needs to be a strong focus on two-way communication. While we often focus on the external stakeholders and relationships, it is important to ensure that internally there is an open dialogue with franchisees and employees.

Franchise Advisory Councils (FAC) are one way to create this dialogue between franchisors and franchisees. For high-performing networks, the FAC is the heartbeat of the organisation, delivering feedback from the franchise network, driving innovation and product development and for helping to cascade information back through the franchise network.

While the benefits of having an FAC outweigh the downsides, the FAC needs to have a clear purpose and operating structure to ensure that it is a forum of innovation rather than simply nice opportunity for a chat.


Here are five key elements a high-performing FAC should have:

  1. A clear and transparent charter and nomination/election process
  2. Detailed minutes recorded at meetings with specific action points agreed on by attendees
  3. An independent facilitator who can keep each meeting on track
  4. A process to ensure that members are accountable to agreed action points
  5. A clear focus on innovation and development. The underlying focus for every meeting should be: how can we better meet customer need?  

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Author: Jeremy Szelag
I’m a creative thinker who loves to see business thrive. We live in a digital world where every day there are new tools, features and platforms that change the way businesses operate. I’m happy to be your tour guide in all things digital to help you develop cost-effective, sharp and finely-tuned campaigns that achieve real results.

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