Effective social media across multi office networks

An effective online presence is critical to the promotion and growth of your business.  This means not only a content-rich website, but a social media presence that is dynamic, engaging and informative.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin – the list is ever increasing but with so many accounts and so many different audiences, how do businesses manage to provide timely, relevant content?

The answer is simple – Social Media Hubs.

Social Media Hubs provide businesses with the capability to have a central repository where their content is stored and the ability to schedule when that content will be pushed to digital platforms.  For multi-site networks, there are Social Media Hubs that allow individual business owners to pick and choose which content they want to use, while from a corporate office point of view, there can also be the ability to mandate the distribution of the latest campaign to their network’s social media platforms.

Let’s have a deep dive into the benefits of a Social Media Hub.

Building the brand

Social Media Hubs, correctly used, can be brand guardians and brand builders.  They are a tool that allows for a consistent message, visuals that always reflect the brand image and, more powerfully, a platform for a synchronised release of new products or unique messages.

For social media managers, Social Media Hubs allow them to see how the graphics will look in real time across all their chosen platforms and to manipulate the attributes of the artwork so that they work best.  For example, a Facebook post might have a landscape image where in Instagram it may work better with a portrait orientation.

Building trust in your brand

The trust that customers have in a brand is critical to a business’s success and your online presence, if well managed, can contribute in a powerful way to your prestige.  The more you post online; the more trust customers have in the brand and you are seen as pro-active and accessible.  Social Media Hubs make it easy to provide and schedule content that is always on-brand and on-message.

Replying to online comments and queries in a timely manner is critical as it presents the brand as engaged with, and a trusted member of the community. With a Social Media Hub you can view all activity in the one place rather than having to keep an individual eye on all the different digital platforms you engaged with.

Posting and sharing industry news helps remind customers of your area of expertise and positions you as a trusted authority in the industry. You become a respected resource.  Social Media Hubs allow quick posting and re-sharing if you are subscribing to RSS feeds.

Saving time, helping your bottom line

Your social media presence should be a full-time commitment, but it doesn’t need to be a full-time resource in your business.  By using a Social Media Hub, you eliminate the need to manually log on to each platform.  You can schedule posts across all platforms in the one place and have the ability to schedule bulk posts across an extended period of time.

The analytics that most Social Media Hubs provide allow you to track and compare your engagement across all platforms.  You can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of posts, see which ones got traction and tweak future posts to capitalise on that engagement and hit your customer sweet spot.  Conversely you can see which posts didn’t get engagement or prompted a negative response.

The efficiencies you gain by using a Social Media Hub means you can inject that saved time into other areas of your business.

Benefits for multi-office and franchised networks

It’s a fact of life that some offices/sites will do an excellent job on their social media, while others in a network have virtually no online presence at all.  A Social Media Hub allows the corporate office to schedule posts for all offices so that there is a minimum level brand-correct social media engagement by everyone in the network.

Which Social Media Hub should I use?

There are some Social Media Hubs that I have worked with that really shine.  They are:


Still need help?

The team at FC Business Solutions have the expertise to help your business with a social media strategy that will deliver results.  We can also implement the plan with constant analysis to ensure that we drive the right business outcomes for you.