Do you have a workplace tribe?

Building a positive workplace culture is critical to achieving your business goals. While training, profiling and clear position descriptions can help get tasks done, it’s the non-tangible things that can really motivate and inspire a team and bring them together. Nurturing these little things can turn an ordinary team into a tribe that has one another’s backs and can take performance to the next level.


One-for-all and all-for-one

When a team is a tribe, it becomes less about individual goals and more about team goals. This is an all-in mentality – if a team member is under the pump, is racing to meet a tight deadline, or needs some ideas or support, the rest of the team rallies to help them achieve their tasks and goals.


Team rituals

Maybe it’s a team lunch or a Friday morning tea, but sometimes it’s the simple things that can bring the team together to socialise. When people have more in common and shared experiences, they are more likely to bond and support each other.


Learning together and sharing information

It’s important for teams to share information and learn from each other. The flow of resources, tools and professional development between team members is vital to ensure that everyone is on top of their game. Shared knowledge is power.


Health and wellbeing

A healthy team will perform better. A workplace tribe will not only look out for their colleague’s workload, they will also keep an eye on each other’s wellbeing. If someone is unwell, they should be encouraged to go home to rest, or if a team member is having a stressful time at home, they should be supported with services like employee assistance programs if need be.


Above all else, a cohesive and efficient workplace tribe is only achievable when open and honest communication is encouraged and is happening in the workplace.