Dial up your performance coaches

Franchise development manager, field coach, business coach, performance coach, it doesn’t matter what you call the role, as long as you recognise how critical it is to the success of your franchise. An effective performance coach needs to support and advise a diverse range of business owners, meeting their needs today and in the future.

Today’s performance coach is faced with business owners who are dealing with a full gamut of pressures.  Business owners who are:

  • Burnt out
  • Overwhelmed with information
  • Trapped inside their business and not able to get onto the balcony for a wider view
  • Needing a safe place to talk, share their day-to-day and not feel judged nor expected to have all the answers
  • Needing to know how to manage multi-generational workforces
  • Needing to understand and navigate mental health in the workplace
  • Struggling to keep up with the pace of life and business
  • Overwhelmed with IT demands

To deal with struggling and fatigued business owners, to help re-define their purpose and provide a clear path to success, your performance manager needs to:

  • Connect on a personal level with business owners
  • Engage with them in a manner that is helpful, not authoritarian
  • Build the resilience of the business owner
  • Empower the business owner to take control of their business’s success
  • Provide mentoring and advice

The performance coach role has evolved from auditor to mentor.  They remain the eyes and the ears of the network, but they now need to blend approachability with firm guidance. It’s a role that embraces the following:

  • Training the franchisees and their teams
  • Being first point of contact for the business owner
  • Coaching the franchisee into the citizenship of the franchise community
  • Completing the annual health check of the franchisees business
  • Managing the legal matters such as renewals, onboarding
  • Following up on matters that don’t get completed or slip down the priority list

With the complexities of business today, the performance coach will never be someone who has all the answers.  Therefore, they need a focussed objective with focused deliverables.  Yes, they’ll understand the product and the business requirements, but their role is one of seniority and expertise, communicating and explaining the foundations that will build a sound business.  They need to be agile thinkers that can read a situation a franchisee is faced with and navigate the best way forward.  A way that supports the franchisee, helps build their business and protects the franchise brand. Not an easy task.

As I touched on earlier, the role has moved from auditor to mentor, but auditing is an essential health check of the business.  How do you achieve this? Self-audits by the franchisees, specialist industry experts?  I’ll discuss this further in my next blog.

Author: Corina Vucic
I thrive in an active environment and climb bridges for the thrill of it but my real passion is supporting businesses to meet their potential and flourish. Whether your goal is to franchise your business, take your franchise to the next level or simply move your business in another direction, I can lead, support and motivate you, step-by-step.