Dan Sheehan - VP MBN
Dan Sheehan - VP MBN

Dan Sheehan - VP MBN

FC Business Solutions - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dan Sheehan from FC Business Solutions appointed to Melbourne Business Network

Shared knowledge between stand-alone business structures and franchisors is critical for Dan Sheehan as he takes up the role of Vice President of the Melbourne Business Network (MBN).

MBN is a membership-based networking association that facilitates connections, communications and collaboration between Melbourne-based businesses.

Having previously served on the MBN’s Executive since 2016, Dan has worked with some of Australia’s biggest and most successful companies, and currently uses his experience to support FC Business Solutions clients to determine their needs in order to take the next step in their businesses.

“Networking is a vital business function and the MBN has an extensive history of connecting local businesses,” said Dan, “it’s an honour to continue on the executive and take on the role as Vice President to further support their activities.”

In addition to providing support and direction to the MBN, the role will also enable Dan to help promote the value and lessons from franchising within Melbourne’s business community.

“Franchising provides opportunities for established businesses to grow and expand, while others can pursue their dreams of being their own boss,” said Dan, “my role on the MBN will hopefully facilitate greater opportunities for those in the franchise industry to increase their contacts.”

“There are also benefits for businesses outside the franchising sector to connect with franchisors and gain insight into the areas of strength many in the sector possess, such as operations, procedures, training and compliance,” said Dan.

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