Attending the right Networking Event

There is no shortage of networking events but without careful consideration of the type, location and host of the event, you could spend valuable time and see little return. To maximise your opportunities to network with potential leads at events, it’s vital to consider the following:

FC networking

1. Who is your prospect?

You need to know who you want to network with. Look at your reporting and current trends – what industry generates the most revenue? Which industry might best suit your product or service? By knowing whether you want to work with people in the tourism industry, the banking sector or insurance will help you work out your ideal client.

2. Think like your prospect

Once you have established your ideal prospect, you need to research companies and organisations that align with this industry. Let’s say that finance is the sector you want to connect with. Research companies within that sector or relevant industry groups. What events are hosted relevant to those circles, for example a finance industry conference may be a good opportunity, or a networking event sponsored by an accounting software company.

3. Be prepared

Once you have found the right event, it is important to make the most of your networking opportunities. One of the very first questions people ask when attending a networking event is: ‘what do you do?’. Ensure you always have a leading, open-ended answer to create the next opportunity in your conversation.