Recruiting Franchise Executives

Why recruiting franchise executives is hard work…

Franchising, for all its great attributes, has a black eye it doesn’t deserve, writes Dan Sheehan at FC Business Solutions.

The pool of staff in franchising is large and for the most part well paid and highly skilled in the nuances of franchising.

Over the past 10 to 20 years, as systems were being created and embraced by Australians in rapid succession, experienced executives across operations, marketing, support and general management were in very high demand and the salaries were tied to this ever expanding franchise market place.

Since 2013 the marketplace for senior executives has not necessarily contracted but rather stabilised and a general manager or national operations manager looking to change companies are no longer offered huge bonus to ‘Join our Team!’.

This equalisation has meant to many, that the once generous and corporately competitive pay packages were no longer going to be offered to just any successful candidate. You must perform at a high level and prove your value to not just the franchisor, but to the greater community of franchisees and develop your teams’ skills within head office.

As the franchisor strives for more franchisees, the franchisee strives for a better franchisor with better support, documentation, platforms, induction programs, POS, and the list goes on and on. The potential franchisee has many options for investment but most franchisors have few suitable applicants. Improve the way you train and educate your staff or lose them to another system that embraced their professional development. If you do manage to keep the untrained and unfulfilled, there is a very high probability they will have already become disengaged prior to you noticing.

The senior staff working within these high performance teams are highly sought after. Why do they perform at a high level? The answer is simple: strong leadership, focused education and support = strong culture.

The best way to have great staff is to empower them with the tools they need to one day do your job. As that famous song says, “teach them well and let them lead the way”. Sorry to all those now singing, but it’s true.

Now, the black eye…

Why are franchise systems viewed as second class businesses by the corporate sector?

Oh, sorry…did I just rip off your Band Aid? The franchise industry contributes almost $160bn per annum to the Australian economy yet many corporate executive types would not consider working for a franchise system. To them I would say this: great franchise systems can take a regular nine-to-fiver and emancipate them. Franchising allows someone to change industries, jobs, states or roles and gives them autonomy and freedom, within the system parameters of course.

Franchising allows you insights into the cause and effect of your daily work. Did you get the field support package right? How useful were the local area marketing templates? The franchisee will always tell you, you rarely have to wait to hear it from your boss.

Now, the mystery of franchise executive recruitment….

Much like the old school slip’n slide, without considered foundations and guidelines, it is fraught with danger and sometimes painful bumps. Creating and documenting the structure, desired candidate profile and tone of the recruitment process is a non-negotiable.

Three of the most important elements of your business are people, people and people. The right person will help you build your business and the wrong, well we all know how that one goes.

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Author: Dan Sheehan
I meet with hundreds of businesses each year – its busy and I end up with a lot of business cards, but I love it. Have a challenge or opportunity you need some advice on? I’d be delighted to discuss your vision for your business and suggest ways that FC can help make it a reality.

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