Inspirational Field Coaches

You have an operations team in the field, right? Is it  because it is ‘just what’s done’? Maybe you are new to franchising and don’t know any different or as the owner, you are not particularly interested in building and maintaining a relationship with your franchisees.

Whatever the reason, if it is a department that has always been around you, you may see no need to change anything. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it you might say.
What about the yoghurt that has been in the staff fridge for a month or two and is now past its used by date. No one knows who it belongs to; it’s certainly not harming anyone in the fridge, sitting there in its sealed container, so it just gets left there. Eventually, someone will take it upon themselves to open the lid and discover a pot full of mould, still unaware of whom it belongs to; they will either throw it away or put it back in the fridge like they have never seen it before.
Exceptional franchise systems lead with an exceptional operations field team.
These team members are not auditors, marketers, trainers, industrial relations experts, fiscal accountants, demographic or fit out experts, visual designers or digital media junkies. The operations field team should be inspirational operational coaches who empower the franchisee to greatness within the franchise brand itself.

They are no longer keepers of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as these are all online and easily accessible by the franchisee and their team at all times.

The use of intranet, webinars, in-house video streaming, online training and SMS functionality to ensure that communication is maintained across the brand has seen the role of the operations coach shift. The inspirational operational coach is now required to identify which is the best communication method for each franchisee and then motivate them to use this method to stay relevant and connected to the brand.
Once a franchisee has embraced this method of staying in touch, the pathways are open for communication across the business. This openness sets in place a culture or habit of talking which in turn creates ideas, ideas then lead the way for continual improvement, which in turn sees engagement and growth.
The annual audit visit used to be the tool for brand compliance and engagement, the introduction of inspirational operational coaches has seen a shift in drivers for exceptional performance and brand citizenship. It is one of the many tools that a coach should have in their toolbox to inspire knowledge,learning and understanding why methods are adopted in an operation and why things are done the way they are across the brand.
Today’s modern inspirational coach will turn the annual audit tool into a performance enhancement tool. We live in a world where documentation is a must, shying away from dotting our ‘i’s and crossing our ‘t’s is not an option. In the savvy world we operate within, coaches facilitate learning through the audit process; they stop and share the findings of both gaps and successes with the business owner; direct them to SOPs, training academy’s and communication platform to navigate an understanding of today’s best practice and how they efficiently implement into their business through their teams.
The inspirational operational coach sets short goals that are winnable to confirm the importance of the matter and to encourage the change in behaviour and processes required to build a winning exceptional team that delivers results.
The relationship between a franchisee and their coach does not cross the ‘invisible’ line so to speak because there is no line. This relationship cohesion, respect and understanding, delivers results for the brand, the franchisor and franchisee collectively. The importance of clear leadership with conviction, vision and honesty helps to set the purpose of the brand
and elevate the franchisee to build greatness within their business through a set of processes. The end result being a high performing team that delivers extraordinary results.
These teams of inspirational operational coaches make a difference in the lives of franchisees each day, some small and some large. They inspire growth, alignment and engagement at all touch points. The strength of their contribution is measured via their responsiveness to the franchisees needs, the understanding of the franchisees immediate world, the level of franchise citizenship exhibited by the franchisee and their teams and the growth of the franchise.
How do your team of operational coaches operate. Do they coach the franchisees to achieve greatness in their business? FC Business Solutions can evaluate your operations team and provide valuable feedback on how to maximise the best communication and growth outcomes for your brand.

Author: Jeremy Szelag
I’m a creative thinker who loves to see business thrive. We live in a digital world where every day there are new tools, features and platforms that change the way businesses operate. I’m happy to be your tour guide in all things digital to help you develop cost-effective, sharp and finely-tuned campaigns that achieve real results.

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