Franchisee Communications

The conversation of communication in the business environment has not changed.

You know how it goes- “I sent the information but they didn’t read it,” “They sent the information but it didn’t make sense,” “It was too hard to read and I cannot keep up with all of the emails and posts so I just do what works for me.” Sound familiar?

The traditional ‘snail mail’ with reams and reams of memos, instructions, briefs and communications have been replaced with online communication platforms such as, email, online learning platforms, skype meetings, facetime, instant messaging and many, many more, but are we any better off?

Communication is now faster and we send and receive messages instantly but are we using this technology to communicate
effectively or are we communicating faster but the messages still go unheard?
Many in the franchise world dealing with day to day franchisee and franchisor relationships would say no we are not communicating more effectively, we have it all however we are not any better informed.
This is why you should consider a health check on your communication noise.
Franchisee Communication Checklist:
  • Outline the expectations of communicating from the franchisor
  • Ensure consistent delivery of information to your franchisees
  • Select a method of communications that suits you and your franchisees
  • Use a weekly digest for regular and consistent communication
  • Teach your franchisees to action, file or delete incoming information
  • Use bullet points with action required to reduce confusion
  • Give the reader access to further information such as websites or an operations manual
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