Different Industries, Same Rules

After working in hospitality for many years I made the transition to corporate and mate, what a shock to the system! So what led me to make the big change?

Well, I was working at a café at the time and it was a busy day. It was 3:00pm in the afternoon, going through my usual change over process (I LOVE PROCESSES) I walked up to a table to see a regular (Corina Vucic) sitting there reading. As I approached, Corina looked up and asked ‘are you happy?’ We are all constantly questioning our existence, is the grass always greener blah blah blah? To that I replied, ‘I could be happier!’
Corina saw that I possessed the fundamentals to be successful in the corporate world, she also noticed that I always had everything under control. Fast forward five years and I’m now Corina’s Executive Assistant at FC Business Solutions.
I have learnt a lot. Not only about myself, but the corporate world and even more specifically about the franchising sector. And to be honest with you – it’s not all that dissimilar to the hospitality world. You have things to do, ways to do them and deadlines to meet. Pretty simple actually. But even though it seems simple now, it wasn’t always easy.
Those early days were tough, to say the least. My first days at the office of FC Business Solutions as the Administrations Officer were ones of blurred instructions, clock watching and wondering if I had made the right decision. All tasks were huge, time consuming and something I knew nothing about…I had never used a computer except to chat to friends on MSN. I was 26 and well out of my depths.
I now look back at my first couple of months at FC Business Solutions and I compare it to how some franchisors are dealing with their franchisees. Franchisors aren’t providing them with much guidance and have the expectation that everyone has the same objective. This just isn’t the case.
I’m not going to lie; I have it really good with Corina! Corina is a woman I aspire to be. Not everyone has the opportunity or good fortune to be led by such and amazing human so willing to help you grow and allow you to do it on her time (I hope you are reading this Corina).
But not everyone has a Corina in their life. And franchisors need to understand that they cannot just throw new franchisees into the deep end of the pool and expect them to be Olympic swimmers. Where is your Induction Program? Is it thorough?
Anyway, at the start I was like a drunk girl on a night out stumbling through a tunnel to get home but then I found the light and by light I mean highlighters!!!!!!
Colour coding is my thing and if someone steals one of my highlighters, LOOK OUT! That’s right Dan, I am talking to you.
My obsession with my highlighters and colour coding has truly helped me keep a handle of the tornado Corina and our busy little office.
Not only do I have colour codes for my actual diary I have colour coding for Corina’s outlook calendar, all of which are in line with my diary. My calendar and diary are my babies and I
treat them as such, carting them everywhere I go.
I was able to integrate skills I had used in the hospitality industry in my new career including communication, organisation, work ethics and structure.
Those of you who have worked in hospitality know that a day needs to run on a schedule. First rush… Check! Second rush… Check… I didn’t have my structure in the first couple of months at FC and without structure I struggle….Doubt me? Ask Corina!
In hospitality we start early and finish early or start late and finish late. The 9 to 5 was a killer! I would complete tasks and think yep the day is almost done only to look at the clock at
realise it was 9:05am…
This is when my task list came into play. Everything and
anything was written in my diary. This enabled me to not only
remember the said task but allowed me to have mini goals.
Franchisors need to adapt a similar, detailed approach when inducting a new franchisee. Have you documented all that needs to be covered when on boarding? Set goals, timeframes and KPI’s for your franchisees, keeping in mind that these should not only be monetary.
I could be at this all day… for those of you who know me… Corina is calling for the 500th time today so I must be on my way.
I leave you with my top tips to make transitions easier. And remember it doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it as long as you do it with a great sense of humour.

Author: Alexandra Giudice
Do you want to get stuff done in your business? Then you need to speak to me. I’m likely your first port of call at FC and I’ll be honest, I’m yet to take a call from a business I haven’t been able to help. I’ll work with you on projects like executive recruitment and organisational reviews and above all, I’ll just make sure that we get stuff done together.

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